Learn the skills to create your own stained glass pieces from scratch, and practice your craft in a fun and encouraging environment.



At the St. Louis Art Glass Company we are creatively dedicated and passionate about sharing the skills of the old world craft of stained glass.

If you have wanted to explore the experience of learning creative art glass techniques, we are here to guide you successfully through the process. Our belief is that no student be left confused or frustrated, but instead have a motivating and uplifting experience.

While acquiring a new understanding for the skills & artistry behind their projects, our students become empowered to believe in their own creativity! Some have even described the art glass practice as “meditative”!

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Meet Your Instructor

Mandy is a stained glass artist who calls Edmonton, Alberta, Canada her home. Her
interest in stained glass was sparked some 20 years ago by a good friend who introduced
her to the craft. It was an instant creative connection that resonated with her childhood
fascination for textured & colored glass and how light quietly filters it's way through it.

Mandy has been teaching stained glass classes for over 7 years.

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